a.k.a. films

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About Us

a.k.a. Films is the brain child of native New Yorker, Kerrie King.  As a veteran executive producer and president of her own commercial production company in Manhattan, King saw the opportunity to branch out into the fast-growing global network that is now defining the film industry. She also managed to diversify into the feature, episodic, corporate and documentary world.

Since the inception of a.k.a. Films in 1998 King has accomplished her purpose and believes that her company structure is the prototype of the 21st century. She keeps her overhead low- clients only pay for what they need.

Kerrie has been in the film making business for more than 15 years. Her experience includes a four-year stint as executive producer at Massey/King Productions. She has also worked as a 1st AD, and line producer on projects for a variety of clients around the world. This extensive knowledge, combined with assembling an experienced team of bidders and producers, forms the genesis of a.k.a. films. From conception to completion, bidding to filming, a.k.a. Films can oversee one or all dimensions of a project. The company offers independence to regional clients, whether commercial or feature oriented, and U.S. access for international companies without the overhead.

a.k.a. Films' roster now includes commercials for advertising agencies and foreign production companies as well as segments for major and minor studios.